Benefits of Hiring a Professional Trademark Attorneys

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Trademark Attorneys

Getting a trademark is vital to the brand establishment and business growth of your company. But, getting the trademark may not be easy even if you have followed the procedure meticulously. There are certain nuances in the whole process which only an Australian trademark attorney has knowledge of. Hiring professional help has its benefits.

The procedure

Trademark application follows a certain procedure, which is pretty complicated, to say the least. After the initial application is submitted, an ‘examining attorney’ will examine it. This can result in a possible final or non-final rejection, which calls for making an appeal or a response.

A trademark attorney would know how to make the desired response or appeal, which will get you the results. Even after your trademark is issued, it can be opposed for a certain period. This is a crucial time when you will need professional help to protect your rights.

Preparing the application

Preparing the trademark application involves understanding the specific terms and technical meanings. Applications are often rejected for overbroad description of the product, for submitting improper specimens, applying to register a logo when they really want to register the words and vice-versa.

With professional advice you will never go wrong and hence save time, money and energy. Your attorney will prepare the technical descriptions that he knows will be accepted and also review your specimens and drawings before finally using them.

Saving time

As an entrepreneur, you may need to make the right appeals or responses. It is most likely that you will have little or no knowledge of how to go about it. Even if you have a requisite amount of knowledge, you may not wish to spend the time running around. You would rather concentrate on developing your own business leaving legal matters to your attorney.

Saving money and energy

In many cases, an entrepreneur submits the initial application himself in the hope that it will clear smoothly. However, when problems arise, then they seek professional help, realizing that the matter is beyond their expertise.

This involves a waste of both time and energy because correcting and re-submitting an application is a more time consuming and tedious process than preparing a fresh one. All these hassles can be safely avoided if you hire a trademark attorney at the very beginning.

Other services

Apart from preparing applications and representing your firm, a trademark attorney can also provide you with valuable tips from his experience that will benefit you greatly.

Some attorneys can also carry out a search for logos and trademarks before preparing your application, so that yours does not turn out to be a duplicate. This can also be done by a search firm or filing service but they will not be able to assist you with the legal help that only a licensed attorney can provide.

Hiring professional lawyers is always the best and most effective way to get a job done and when it is something as crucial as a trademark, you can never go wrong with a trademark attorney.