Benefits of Using Name Badges at Work

Benefits of Using Name Badges at Work

Name badges great tools to enhance your personal branding and identification. In most events, you need to make your name be known to your customer and colleagues. In seminars and other corporate events, you also need to show your names to attendees and organisers.

Most people only have limited memory, especially in remembering names. You, thus, need to come up with aides and tools to help you recall the names and those of your colleagues and customers. Thanks to name badges, you can easily address other people by their names.

But aside from identification, there are other important uses of these identifying marks. Here are some of them:

Enhanced corporate identification – Most name badges bear your company logo. This, in turn, is a subtle way to publicise and promote your company through its logo. Just make sure you design them in such a way that the logo is very recognisable even from afar.

Improved communication – There is no better way to address a person than calling him/her by name. Studies have shown that communication between strangers improve if they start to call each other by their names. This practice can break the barrier of anonymity and can start familiarity and even intimacy between the two parties.

Better customer relations – Customer service representatives with name badges can make them approachable and identifiable by your customers, especially in retail outlets. Having their names printed on badges allows your customers to ask your employees in a more friendly and personal manner.

Provide accountability – If your employees have badges, your customers and stakeholders can easily identify who to blame when there are mistakes or complaints. This gives them a sense of responsibility and promptness to carry out their duties fast and efficiently to avoid being reported to you or their superiors.

Name badges do not only make your employees easily recognised, they can also improve their service to your clients.