Beverages that are Potentially Healthy for you

Beverages that are Potentially Healthy for you

The cup of coffee that your drink everyday may in fact be killing you – slowly but surely. There has been no groundbreaking and definitive research yet, but early studies show that the caffeine content in coffee beans can be linked increased incidence of diabetes, and is very harmful for those who already have type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

The diterpenes in the bean supposedly are a big cardiovascular risk, and the other compounds that make up the humble coffee bean haven’t even been completely researched yet. In light of these new discoveries, no one would fault you if you decided to quit the Joe and go healthy instead. Wondering what you can drink that will have the same kick-start effect of coffee and be gentle on your body as well? Here are the top seven options you can choose from:

1% reduced fat milk

– the low fat levels are a boon for those watching their waist and the calorie intake is only 120 cal for 8 ounces of reduced fat milk. Milk is a complete meal by itself – it has everything from carbs to healthy proteins to some fats – and drinking this can fill you up while providing you with healthy nutrients.

Mint Tea

– Mint is known to cure aches and muscle pains, and this light herbal tea is also a good cure for indigestion and flatulence.

Cranberry Juice

– Old wives’ tales present cranberry juice as a quick cure to PMS and related stress, but now it is thought that cranberry may have other health benefits as well such as preventing gum disease.