4 Signs of Burst Water Pipes

4 Signs of Burst Water Pipes

Emergency plumbing situations are never ideal, especially when it involves burst water pipes. After all, it doesn’t only cause extensive water damage, but also make your structure crumble. To prevent this from happening, make sure to pay attention to the following signs:

Burst Water Pipes

Change in Water Pressure

When there’s a hole in your pipe, this means that the liquid doesn’t easily pass through. As a result, there are less liquid going to your faucets. When you wash your hands, take a bath or fill a sink, you might notice a change in pressure. If this happens, you are opening the possibility of increasing clogged pipes, sinks and toilets since the low pressure can’t push everything in one go.

Water Marks

Indications that you have burst pipes in your home are marks or stains in the area. If you don’t know where to look, try searching for stains on your drywall, bathrooms or laundry rooms. If you see visible marks, you may have a good idea where the leak is coming from. Depending on its placement, you may need to knock down a few walls in order to address the leak.

Discolouration and Odours

A sign that leaks are present in your house are uneven discolouration and strange odours wafting. This can be hazardous, particularly when there’s greyish and brownish liquid coming out. This indicates the presence of rust. Often, these come with odours as well, may it be due to rust or blocked sewage lines.

Strange Sounds

Gurgling, bubbling and whistling sounds are signs you need to have your plumbing system looked at. These can happen if air gets into your sewage line and when your systems are frozen or have dents in them, causing these pipes to burst. To avoid these annoying sounds, make sure to consult a professional right away.

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