Which Is More Effective: Car Waxing or Car Polishing?

Which Is More Effective: Car Waxing or Car Polishing?

Automobile owners must know that choosing between car polishing or waxing is not as easy as it seems.

Choosing between having your motor vehicle waxed or finished is not as simple as preferring one item over the other. As an automobile owner, it is up to you to select which one is best for your vehicle, be it liquid or paste; machine or by hand; as well as affordable products or premium brands.

In some customer tests done in the past, the less expensive solutions actually performed better than the first-rate ones. There are abrasive waxes in pricier brands that can harm the paint finish on vehicles with dark colours.

If you want your automobile to look glossy and smooth without any damaging effects, here are some things to consider:

Learn the differences between wax and varnish.

These products are designed to make your automobile look brand new, but they actually have characteristics that make them unique. Some manufacturers may use one or a combination of both, but each of them offers something different.

Veneer has corrective properties, so it takes away scrapes, grime and grease. Wax on the other hand basically serves as a protective layer.

It depends on your vehicle.

The age of your automobile and how much plastic material was used on it will affect your purchasing decision. If you just bought it recently, automotive specialists recommend a weekly treatment using spray wax. Compared to varnish, spray wax does not last as long, but a new ride will benefit the most from the liquid treatment for cleaning purposes.

Hand vs. machine polishing

Car polishing that is done by a machine will distribute the paste evenly throughout the vehicle’s frame and is safer to do than shining by hand. Automobile enthusiasts recommend the dual-action, six-speed, variable device since it is effective against scratches, water spots and oxidation.

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