Why Choose Vanuatu Invest?

Why Choose Vanuatu Invest?

More and more people are investing in properties in Vanuatu through Vanuatu Invest. Find out why.

The Republic of Vanuatu is a country in the South Pacific Ocean near Australia. It has a tropical climate. Paired with the beaches present on the island, it’s a perfect location for a getaway. The country has only started to emerge in the global scene. In fact, the nation is amongst the newest members of the World Trade Organisation.

A lot of business-minded people are starting to invest in real estate in the country. This is not surprising. As a developing nation, they have much to offer to the real estate industry.

Market trends point to valuation.

At the moment, property prices in the island are low – and they were lower years before that. The nation only received independence from France and Britain during the 1980s. As such, they’re only just beginning to enter the global market.

The country is just beginning to develop. This is why property prices are low. However, as the island continues to grow, prices can be expected to go up. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a property now. The expected return of income is considerable.

They have no restrictions on property ownership.

Many countries – especially developing ones – will have a restriction on foreign land ownership. Vanuatu is not one of them. In fact, anyone from any nation can easily buy property without having to share ownership! This opens a lot of opportunities for foreign investors.

You’re sure to get good rental yields.

Vanuatu is a tourist spot for many people. In fact, this sector takes up a whopping 44.4% of their GDP in 2017. With visitors come the demand for places to stay. This makes owning property in the country more profitable. Average rental yields in the country generate about 8.3% in revenue for 100 square metres of property.

For any landlord, rental income tax is one of the top concerns. In Vanuatu, all rental properties are imposed a 12.5% tax. However, there are no additional fees for leasing, capital gains or properties. Investors only must pay the flat rate.

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