Choosing the Right Picture Frame

Choosing the Right Picture Frame

The materials in which Picture Framing North Brisbane are available vary from glass or cloth to wood or metal. The material also depends on the type of picture it is used for. Make sure to choose a glamour photographer.

Metallic frames

Frames made of metal are the most economical and light weight choice. Such frames have a contemporary look and feel. They are available readymade and can also be customized. Moreover, they come in a variety of colours. They add a trendy look to your children portrait photography. Also they are sturdy and sleek and require least maintenance. The thickness of the frame can be to your liking.

Cloth frames

A cloth frame is an easy and inexpensive way for you to create a customised frame. You can purchase a frame of the required dimensions of any material and cover the sides of the frame with any fabric you like. It could be the same upholstery as that of your curtains to add a more uniform look to the room. The choice available in such frames is huge as the cloth can be of any material or colour. It can be fancy or subtle as per your taste and requirement.

Float frames or gallery frames

These frames are typically suited to oil paintings and canvas prints. Float frames are meant to give a ‘floating’ effect to the picture. It does not cover the sides of the picture like in a usual frame. Rather it holds the picture in place at the back using hardware. Therefore, they offer a great visual effect and are an idle choice for paintings.

Gallery frames come in the form of strips which are either painted or unpainted. They are used to give a complete look to the unfinished edges of the canvas. Less expensive than traditional frames, these require only glue or nails to be attached to the canvas.