Claiming Military Compensations

Claiming Military Compensations

As military personnel it is important that you yourself understand how the system works and which bodies to approach for various kinds of claims within the hierarchy. The military as an organization in most countries maintains its own court and accounts centres to provide all-round services to serving personnel.

If you are part of the military it will help you in the future to thoroughly understand how the system works.

View the options

In some cases, military personnel may seek claims for travel purposes, personal injury or medical purposes and more. It is also common for family members of retired or deceased personnel to make claims for benefits.

Before you apply for a certain type of military compensation, it is always better to view the options. For instance, if you need more ready cash-on-hand and therefore apply for a withdrawal of your provident or savings fund, it might lead to problems later on. Only a professional will be able to guide you based on your financial requirement and situation.

Refusal of First Offer Settlement

After you have reached a negotiated amount that you think you can be happy with, then get this done in writing. Send a letter to the insurance adjuster and put down the final negotiated amount in writing. Remember that the entire process can take a while, and there can be a delay between the first and the second offer so be patient and take the advice of Compensation Lawyer at all times.