Cockroach Inn – Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Cockroach Inn – Dagupan City, Pangasinan

It was getting a little late and we were passing through town… admittedly I am a 4 to 5 star guy and wouldn’t choose something like this.. it was cheap, about ₱1,000 and only for the one night. Because it is cheap I can overlook a lot of things… but not basic hygiene, and I had two issues with it.

The beds were just a sheet stretched over the mattress…. no mattress protector to soak up the previous persons sweat and other bodily fluids. They would all be soaked into the mattress, then of course back into the next clean sheet added. We called housekeeping but sadly they did not seem to understand what a mattress protector was. Luckily for us we had big clean beach towels so we laid them down on the mattress and then recovered with the sheet. Housekeeping brought us some much more acceptable pillow-covers (because again, not pillow protectors) and we managed then to get into a bed we made as hygienically clean as we could.

The cockroaches were everywhere… apparently there nest was based in the bathroom cabinet, but that did not stop them coming to visit using the lounge/bedroom. No joke, even in the morning I got out of bed and before I could get my eye-glasses on I stepped on one and crunch it went under my bare foot.

Most of the staff were friendly and tried to be helpful with the little they had to offer (like maintaining a smile in a steaming hot lobby during check-in). One night guard was a right creep… he kept staring at us and could not break his face into a smile or anything friendly. I made him the one to come in and remove the cockroaches… 3 times I called him back in. He wasn’t to happy about that.

On the brighter side – The room was spacious and we were very surprised that hot water came from the shower after running it a while.

I woke up to a nice chap who was washing my car and I thought that was nice.

So if you are into this sort of thing come here. If you like a cheap spacious place then bring your own sheets and mattress and pillow covers, cockroach spray and have an enjoyable stay!

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