Cocoon Manila

Cocoon Manila

Always looking for the local (Thai / Filipino) themed boutique option in Asia, using Wotif I stuck it lucky….and of course did my homework by reading the reviews. The reason I think I was lucky is because the locals in North Edsa who I work with we’re quite surprised I was able to find such a quality at all hotel in the area.

I work in a building joining the SM development just 5 minutes taxi away (without traffic, and 15 in traffic). The SM is of course excellent shopping and dining in a handy accessible location. Just down the road is Tomas Morato which is a good area for restaurants and a couple of bars.

It would be hard to compete providing outstanding service in hospitality in Asia, only because it often excellent everywhere, so highly competitive….but I found it here. Arriving hot and tired as always, the staff were concerned for me, wanting to get me off to my room quickly…rather than bothering me to shovel through my bag finding my booking documents, they could see my booking. A gentleman with glasses helps me (I am so sorry I misplaced my notes with their names!) ‘Mr Peter sir don’t worry about that right now sir’ and that was really appreciated. The lobby is important to me, and this lobby is well kept, friendly, boutique…..nice! Being boutique, it’s only ever a short lift ride, and short walk to the room….mmm only one lift though.

The rooms are great, wow giant size bed! Oh oh, that’s two beds pushed together….hate that. But this time the beds joined neatly and felt like one. The only trouble being they had two single sheet sets lapping each other that became quite irritating if you roll around in your sleep like me.

Ever thing else about the room was great, nice bathrooms and details like soft shut toilet (porcelain) seats demonstrating luxury in the details. The rooms were nicely lit. Wi Fi was readily available at no charge… many hotels fail to realise the importance of this; setting up my laptop I realise the only power outlet has the lamp plugged into it. Asian hotels are always typically short of outlets…..I pull out the lamp to charge my computer. Details, details….I think.

The next in excellent service I was to enjoy was the following morning, when I came down at 10:15 and a lovely looking lady wearing teeth braces approached me (again I am so sorry I misplaced my notes with their names!) in the lobby and said ‘Mr Peter sir you didn’t want to come to breakfast? “Oh, I had forgotten the breakfast was included in my room price until 10:00am. ‘Please mind Sir come with me and choose something from the menu complimentary she said’. THANK YOU! How I have longed to hear that on my travels! I couldn’t count the amount of times I have been told ‘sorry sir the breakfast is finished’. We travel long hours through time various zones, in the heat, waiting at airports, sometimes on holiday and sometimes with hangovers….do we want to sleep in?… YES! Do we still want the breakfast we have paid for?…. YES!! Thanks you so much for this excellent piece of service. I was led up to the pool deck, set up a special (table and a fan) and waited on by 3 different friendly staff who all seemed to immediately know my name was ‘Mr Peter sir’….lovely!

The only drawback I found continually frustrating with this hotel was the kitchen was poorly stocked. Only about 50% of what is offered on the menu was actually available…..and the staff never knew was was available and what wasn’t. So many times when I was expecting my meal shortly I was ask to chose again, and then again…until I found something they could serve. Even if they could serve everything on the menu, I found it difficult to find something that I really liked.

One other thing is that lift I was worried about….yep just one and it was a busy little lift; so when it was being serviced on my last day that left me running up and down the stairs.

I now have a Condo nearby now, so I recommend the Cocoon to my fellow travellers and will certainly use the hotel for colleagues and friends when they come to meet me in Manila.