Common Termite Prevention Tips Home Owners Are not Aware of

Common Termite Prevention Tips Home Owners Are not Aware of

Pest control is one of the major concerns of most homeowners. An investment in a house is one of the key investments for any common Australian. Millions of dollars are wasted every year owing to the damage caused by termites. So it is essential to adopt the correct measures to control termites in your homes.

Many Australian cities are gradually expanding into the thickly wooded areas. Damage due to termites is gradually becoming quite common. Be aware of certain tips to take care of your precious property.

Storing of Wood

Try to store timber and firewood away from the house. Objects of timber must not be placed close to your property. Remember the golden rule always. Termites love the feel and smell of timber. Let not your precious property fall prey to their greed.


Never evade the annual pest inspections. Termite infestation can be best traced by this. A pile of branches of trees in your backyard have all the potential to create menace. Clean up the scattered pieces of wood lying in the backyard. Pay attention to the stumps of trees. Remove all traces of dead trees. You might not be aware of the fact that termites love to gorge on these desiccated delicacy.

Untreated Bark

Keep the garden beds free of untreated chips of the bark. The mulches of wood –chip must give way to the termite-resistant variety. The hardwood garden sleepers are most suited for the growth of termites. Treated pine offers a good alternative. Stones are also a wonderful option.

Firewood falls into the category of untreated timber. Store them away from your house.

Take Care of your Garden

Rake the garden beds far away from the main building. The weep holes and the edge of the concrete slabs can pose serious threats.

Moist soil is absolutely termite friendly. An innocuous homeowner is not quite aware of the fact that the water dripping from the air conditioners or the leaking taps can turn the surrounding soil into a mess. Fix all these problems immediately.

Many people love the classic look of the lawn ornaments made of wood. If possible, make a compromise with your aesthetic pleasure. Replace them with the non wooded variety.

Use concrete for the deck posts and stair stringers. The wooden sheds must be fairly above the ground.

Pest Control company should be hired when you encounter problems with termites, fleas, spiders, etc.