What’s the Difference Between Blinds and Awnings?

What’s the Difference Between Blinds and Awnings?

Blinds and awnings are two different window treatments. Whilst they are both effective in providing shade, they have separate uses. One is for indoor and the other for outdoor use. If you’re thinking of which covering to use, here are a few details that should help.

The Blind

This window treatment is meant for indoor use. They are best used for regularly shaped windows. They come in different designs, the most popular being:

Venetian – This is one of the most common treatments used in both commercial and residential areas. They’re made with thin slats, positioned horizontally on the frame. They’re held together by a cord made of cloth or metal. The slats can be rotated with a plastic or metal rod.

Cellular – Cellular coverings are also called honeycomb. They are made of fabric, which rolls up or down. What makes this variety unique is that they can be placed anywhere on the window – it doesn’t need to go overhead.

Panel – Panel glides are often used for big windows or glass doors. They have large slats that are lined up vertically along the frame. They slide from side to side.

Vertical – Like panel glides, this blind is made to be opened from the side. However, the slats on this variety are smaller. They are an alternative for people who want more privacy.

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The Awning

This window treatment is installed outdoors, at the top part of any window or glass door. They provide shade from the top and are usually positioned at an angle to provide optimum protection. Because they are made for outdoor use, they are more resistant to damage than the blind. Most will have water-resistant and UV-resistant properties, making them durable.

This type of outdoor covering can either be fixed or retractable. Fixed varieties open and close vertically. Meanwhile, retractable varieties open horizontally. The arms fold into the overhead compartment. This eliminates the need for support and gives a cleaner look to the fixture.

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