Divorce Lawyer – Questions To Ask

Divorce Lawyer – Questions To Ask

Statistics suggest that divorce rate has decelerated steadily over the last three decades but that indicator is unlikely to have any positive impact on your marriage if it is inevitably headed for a split-up. In the past, getting a divorce was knotty but with the passage of time no-fault separations have become rife. If you want to keep your separation process convenient and hassle-free you’d need to talk with some divorce lawyers who’ll invariably ask you some questions during your first interviews.

Why are you divorcing?

You can take it for granted that this is the question that almost all divorce lawyers will ask you as an ice-breaker. There could be many reasons for why you think that your marriage is not working.

Try to be as honest as possible but with a touch of diplomacy and don’t wear you heart on your sleeve because you are not through with the selection process. There might be certain facts that you want to keep close to your heart right now and will only disclose these once you’ve signed on a divorce attorney.

Have you already separated or still staying together?

Your lawyer will need to know if you’re still staying together or have gone your separate ways. You’d need to tell in no uncertain terms as to the length of time that you have been staying together or the time period that has elapsed since you separated.

Do you have any children?

In case you have a child or children, you’d need to state your views regarding child custody and support. The question won’t arise if you don’t have any children.

Have you been a victim/perpetrator of domestic violence?

Now this is a question whose answer might depend on whether you have been a perpetrator or at the receiving end. Since more women than men end up as victims of domestic violence and assault, it is quite possible that they might be quite elaborate when replying to this poser. Men are likely to be more guarded in this respect.

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