Dos Palmas Palawan

Dos Palmas Palawan

Fabulous; but not for just a short stay..

This is one of the first times I have travelled without very careful research, much like you my readers are doing now. Ceasing the moment in the last 2 days of a business trip in Manila, we just flew into Puerto Princessa and had to take it from there.

When (*eventually arriving.. I will review the journey at the end so not to take away from this fabulous location) approaching at the wharf at Dos Palmas we could hear the local staff playing some lovely island style drums, making it feel like dreamy island location, that it would soon turn out to be. We were taken to an arrivals area with only our hand luggage and served a welcome drink and shortly shown to our accommodation.

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We asked if our room (not knowing what to expect) was on the beach, and were told it was not. We were given directions and wandered along the resort paths looking for the room. To our delight the room turned out to be the most delightful bungalow ..and some pleasant staff were already there waiting with our luggage that have very quickly found its way from the boat.

They are two level bungalows and both had benefits. We were upstairs and that provided us superior water views. Downstairs looked nice to as they could step straight out onto the beach. Both levels seemed equally private.

We opened the place up and it was wonderful.. like a dream, a movie. No T.V…you don’t want it. You beaut. If you don’t read books this vacation would be the time to start. Unlike at home were you would want a grand home theater.

With only two nights here it is clear why you would want to savior even single moment of it. The restaurant was great, and made there own creative cocktails that were so much fun to sample. The food was good, the service typically Filipino….fantastic. Food Trips

We spend the day relaxing on the open deck huts at the beachfront. We rode bikes around the island and walked some of it. We enjoyed the beautiful pools. You could do snorkeling and activities alike….but we had only a short time and decided to just relax.

*Back to the journey in.. On arrival on the Palawan mainland flying from Manila, it was soon revealed there is really not much to do in Puerto Princessa, and the preference is to spend the time transferring to an island resort; such as Dos Palmas. We had awoken early for a Cebu Pacific flight that had been delayed 90 minutes without warning (or apology!) We soon learned that the two transfers to the island were 10:00am and 2:00pm …so that flight delay caused us to miss the morning transfer. We were to miss the whole first day waiting for the afternoon transfer.

The boat ride seemed to take forever…although it was under 1.5 hours; it was later revealed we went the long way around because of the sea or wind conditions. Every moment felt like a lifetime as we felt the whole first one of our only two days slipping away.

So the sound and sight of those welcome drums were so soothing to a grumpy sore head and ears.

I will come back here, and make sure I have more time. Do try Dos Palmas Palawan, but don’t try to do it on just a weekend, not even a long weekend.. you will need 5 days to a week here to really relax and wind down.

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