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    Dust Collector Air Filter Media (Nanofiber Filter Media)

    Dust Collector Air Filter Media (Nanofiber Filter Media)

    Dust collector filter media request higher efficiency due to working environment and conditions, so nano superfine fiber is necessary during production to increase filter media performance.

    This filter media is applied to the air filter of industrial dust collector. When air goes through filter, dust will be separated and stayed on the surface of filter media. Clean air passes and enters in the system, then exhausted from air outlet. After using for some time, cleaning device will start and make pulses to clear accumulated dust on the filter. Therefore, good filtration efficiency, high burst strength and smooth surface are the necessary requirements of dust collector filter media.

    Product Description
    Cellulose+Synthetic fiber
    Flame Retardant Available
    Level F7,F8(EN779:2012)
    MERV 10,MERV 12,MERV 13(Ashare 52.2)
    Characteristic Good filtration efficiency
    Deep Corrugation ≥0.4mm
    High bursting strength
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