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    Chen tai filter paper to FILTREX ? ASIA complete smoothly

    Dec 20, 2018

    2018.12.4-12.5-2 days of FILTREX ? ASIA international filtration and separation industry summit ended, our technical director Dr Screening "electrostatic spinning of nanofibers used in air filtration" and "applied to the engine air intake and industrial dust removal of high performance filtration material" wonderful interpretation of highly appreciated.The FILTREX ? ASIA site professional audience of up to 221.Among them, 172 are domestic audiences, 49 are overseas audiences, and there are many elites in the filtering industry from home and abroad. 29 speakers deliver professional speeches on the spot, and there are no seats available on the spot.

    Speech by Dr. Gao qiong, technical director of chentai filter paper

    Speech 1: electrostatic spinning nanofibers for air filtration

    Speech 2: high performance filter material for engine inlet and industrial dust removal

    The meeting conclusion

    This conference is a technical exchange promotion meeting, but also the comprehensive embodiment of the enterprise's technical strength, through this conference to expand the influence of high-end technology in the market, more Chen tai has high-end technology professional affirmation, this conference will certainly accelerate the pace of enterprises in the industry to produce high-end products.

    At the same time, chentai filter paper exhibition "the 7th Asian filter and separation industry exhibition and the 10th China international filter and separation industry exhibition" is in full swing. Booth no.Welcome to come!

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