Where to Go in Subic: El Kabayo Stables

Where to Go in Subic: El Kabayo Stables

Do you have an idea where to go in Subic? If the answer to that question is no, one place to visit is El Kabayo Stables where you can learn to ride a horse.

Beautiful Horses

The horses at El Kabayo Stables are properly taken care of. Each day they’re fed three times a day with the right food. They’re also washed properly with the right bathing materials. Best of all, their staff works hard to maintain each horse’s good looks. You’ll never see a horse who looks like it just woke up. Each horse is treated like a king or queen due to all the grooming it gets each day.

Safety Measures

There are a lot of highly trained instructors to ensure the safety of all the tourists who go there. Believe it or not, even young children can ride the large horses there. Of course, you must wear the safety equipment they give you. The instructors are trained to ensure tourists are safe throughout the ride.

Painting Activities

For those who are artistic, you can paint on the horses. You don’t have to worry about how the horse looks though because the paint can easily be washed away. Kids will love this activity as it gives them a chance to express themselves artistically. They can paint their name, draw a heart or even mix different colours.

If you’re a horse lover, what are you waiting for? Go to El Kabayo Stables today as it’s only a 3-hour drive away from the busy streets of Metro Manila. Bring the whole family for an experience you’ll never forget. If it’s your first time experiencing something like this, you’ll not regret it. Of course, you must check the weather first before visiting this tourist spot. If it’s raining, it wouldn’t be an ideal time to visit it. It would be better if it’s sunny.