Guidelines for Charging Electric Forklift Batteries

Guidelines for Charging Electric Forklift Batteries

It is best to charge the batteries on a slope so that if there is a leak, it all flows down to the gutters. Always keep water handy and wash out leaked battery acids only with a water hose. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy is a good idea.

Battery Temperatures

You should not attempt to charge a battery when its temperature is too high or too low. This can create hazardous conditions. Proper protective clothing has to be worn by the battery operator to minimise damage by contact to skin. Consider this thing in the forklift.

Water your battery

Batteries require watering once they are completely charged. This water has to be free of any heavy minerals and de-ionized. Without this your battery plates will sulphate and that is not good for your battery. Also, you need to keep a water log to support a warranty claim.

Check and replace the damaged cables

Damaged cables can mean as little as bad charging and as much as an industrial fire. You need to ask your technician to always check for damages cables and wires. This can save quite a lot of your time and money in the long run.

Completion is the key

Always allow the battery to charge completely and discharge completely. Also, while connecting and disconnecting the wires before and after charging, always switch off the mains line and then carry out the operation.

Your fork lift is a backbone of your daily industrial operations. Having an underpowered machine will take its toll on daily work and hence erode profits. Practise as much caution as possible with your batteries. They can last real long if maintained properly.

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