Routines a Hair and Makeup Artist Lives By

Routines a Hair and Makeup Artist Lives By

One of the benefits of hiring a hair and makeup artist (HMUA) is that they’re pros when it comes to giving a flawless look to their clients. From prepping your skin down to the finishing touches, they’ll make sure all eyes are on you.

Makeup Artist

Here are the routines your artist lives by:

  • Bathe in Moisturizer

Makeup not only dries up the skin, it also clogs the pores in your face; resulting in possible acne breakouts. And the way to prevent that is by applying a good moisturiser on your face.

It’s not the HMUA’s job to decide which skin care products work for you. The professional will simply advise you to cleanse, tone and moisturise before they work on your face.

  • Knowing Your Skin Type

The reason foundations have different formulas and levels of coverage is to accommodate every skin type.

If you have oily skin, a matte foundation is the best way to go. But if you’re more on the dry side, a dewy one will give bring a youthful look.

Speaking of coverage, an HMUA chooses from a lightweight down to a full coverage one. Lightweight is usually for those with a fair and even complexion. The ones that barely need any coverage.

Meanwhile, full-coverage foundations are more suitable for those with complexion issues such as acne breakouts, blemishes and redness.

Moving on to the application of the makeup, beauty sponges are used for a more natural look whilst brushes are for a fuller one.

  • Expanding the use of their brushes

Even though there’s a brush for every step, a hair and makeup artist know that you don’t always have to play by the rules. It still depends on the bone structure of your face. Visit Chelsea Brown’s website and book one for your special day.

After all, the reason for using a brush to help a person apply cosmetic products with precision without moving the product around too much, which can affect the coverage.

An HMUA aims to make their clients look and feel beautiful. That’s why it pays to hire a well-reviewed and experienced professional for the job.