Things to Ask Before Hiring Landscape Architects

Things to Ask Before Hiring Landscape Architects

If you’re planning to reinvent your yard, one of the major changes will be your landscaping. You will need the help of experts for an efficient layout. When hiring landscape architects, you need to make sure that they are perfect for the job. Here are some questions that can help you decide:

  • What type of services do you offer?

Before you hire a professional landscaper, you need to know what type of services you can expect. There are companies that provide design-only, whilst there are others that can design and build the blueprint. Others provide complete services including design, construction and maintenance. Make sure you know what kind you are looking for.

  • What type of projects have you worked on?

Another way of finding out if the company is right for you is to ask about their previous projects. Many landscape designers have portfolios which you can view online. This can give you an idea whether they have worked with a case similar to yours. By knowing this, you will know what to expect based on how they’ve handled their previous projects.

  • Can you describe your process?

A good landscaper chooses between built and the natural aspects of the site they are working on. A better one works with the man-made elements such as structures and culture. He or she should also take into consideration the ecosystem and people who will use the design. The landscaping process can help shed light on the value placed on these things, customers’ vision and their wellbeing.

  • Is my vision attainable?

After knowing the capabilities and process the company has, you can now ask if they will be able to make your vision come true. You surely have a dream landscape in mind. Make sure to list down preferences and requests. This will serve as a checklist of things the architect should strive to do.

Renovating your property is a big move. Make sure to get help from qualified professionals. Get in touch with Form Landscape Architects to know how to avail their services. Find out more here!