How to Break the Bad News to your Children

How to Break the Bad News to your Children

The way you discuss your divorce proceedings with your children will influence the way they tackle the situation. Your prime aim should be to assuage their fear and reassure them of the continuous love and support of both parents. It will help if both you and your spouse can break the news together.

A Little Planning is Essential

Before facing the children, both partners must talk it out among themselves on how to broach the subject. Rehearse probable questions and prepare your answers beforehand. Speculate on all issues that your children are likely to discuss and how you will tackle them together. However, if you and your spouse are no longer on talking terms, it is best to speak to your children all by yourself.

Tell them the Simple Truth

There is no point in beating around the bush when you want to break the news about your imminent divorce to your children. Tell them simply and clearly that their parents will no longer stay under the same roof. However, do assure them that both their parents will always be there to love and care for them irrespective of where they stay.

Stress on Positive Thoughts

The way you handle your divorce will have life-long repercussions on the way your children handle their own relations when they grow up. If they look upon divorce as a fearful and traumatic outcome of all marriages, they may hesitate to commit themselves to any steady relation in the future. The need of the hour is to lessen that fear and teach them to consider divorce as just another passing phase in life. They must understand that there is a future beyond the separation of partners and that not all relations end this way.