How to Choose a Site for School Excursion

How to Choose a Site for School Excursion

School excursions are necessary for many reasons; to raise the student’s morale, to supplement their education and to introduce them to new surroundings. Choosing a good school excursion should take some time and consideration so the students derive the most benefit from the outing. Moreover, the place should be well equipped with regards to student safety, their well-being and mental stimulation.

Schools have a campsite accreditation scheme designed by the Australian Camps Association. Any potential campsite must meet the requirements specified in the sections of the accreditation scheme. Teachers could visit School excursion Snowy Mountains to make sure that it meets the criteria and do a thorough inspection of the premises so preparations for the students can be made.

Safe Terrain

Considering it will be an area explored by a large number of children, teachers should check that students will be safe and not find trouble on dangerous terrain. Students’ natural curiosity tends to get them to explore new areas, teachers should make sure that the area does not have hidden holes, opened drains, old mine shafts or quarries, obstacles that could injure a child or littered with dangerous or poisonous objects.

Moreover, if the trip is to the forest area then teachers should be careful of spiders, snakes, wild animals, stray animals and other creatures that could cause a student harm. Some areas are also prone to flooding, sewage water, cliff collapses and natural dangers – teachers should watch out for these. A complete scrutiny of the area will help prevent a terrible accident.