How To Decide if You have a Slip and Fall Case?

How To Decide if You have a Slip and Fall Case?

If you fall and injure yourself, you should get compensation for it. However various factors make the slip and fall cases quite complex. You should consult personal injury lawyers to understand these complexities decide whether or not you have a case.

Who is Liable?

Premises liability pertains to the responsibility of the owner for any injury that occurs on his property. The term owner or possessor is any person who occupies or is entitled to occupy the land in question.

Ice and Snow

The owner of every property is responsible for keeping the streets and sidewalks adjacent to the property, clean and safe for pedestrians. Even if an outside agency is hired for the job, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the work is done to satisfaction and the streets and sidewalks are indeed clean. If your employer has taken this for granted and an accident occurs, file for compensation claim and hire a personal injury lawyer.

Spilling and Wearing Out

If the owner spilt something on the property or if he or his employees wore out a particular spot by over use, or if their negligence caused a particular spot to become slippery, and if they fail to fix the problem, the owner is liable to compensate the injured party.

On the other hand, an owner or employees are liable if they caused a spill, wore out a spot, or created a slippery surface; if they were aware of the spot’s dangers and made no action to change or fix it; or if the spot could have been discovered by a reasonable person and the owner did not make an effort to remove or repair it.