How to Get the Right Off Road Campers

How to Get the Right Off Road Campers

Planning a camping or off-road trip encompasses a number of decisions. The travelling and fun is only half of the trip. The primary consideration is the accommodation quarters. The main requirement is a comfortable and compact living space though the camping expedition. However, given the wide variety of off-road campers available, due precaution and research is necessary for the best fit and adherence to functionality.


The primary pint of owning an off-road trailer is provision of a comfortable and convenient sleeping place. The fact that you are out in the wild does not necessarily mean you sleep like a wild animal. A typical trailer consists of a foam mattress for comfort. Some travel covers, however, can accommodate a spring mattress for extra comfort.

Suspension and Chassis

The comfort of an off-road trip hinges on the suspension and trailer chassis. The right construction and material also increases the longevity of the off-road campers. The ideal option is to focus on off-road standards for heavy duty and standard trailer, depending on the itinerary. This eliminates any chances of being stuck out in the world. For the chassis, the primary factor is the weight, material construction and tubing wall thickness. Focus more on the rustproof tubing that allows for sturdiness and allowable twist.

On the above parts, consider the repair and replacement factor. Ease of repair and replacement allows for an easy time in case of breakdown out on the world. The ideal option is the leaf sprung suspension with the right weight and bounce for a smooth ride.

Camper Protection

The camper protection consists of a number of equipment. They include stone guards, awnings, water tanks and jockey wheel. On the awnings and cover, though there are different grades of canvas, the ideal material should be waterproof and resistant to mildew growth. For the roof and over the trailer cover, focus more on the heavy-duty canvas for optimized protection. The lighter grade is best suited for tent erection due to reduced weight and easier maneuverability and a PVC floor. The integrated awning provides prime protection against the elements during cooking, relaxation and privacy.

There is additional equipment that is included in the complete campervans hire package. These include toolboxes, water tanks, swing out kitchen, alternate power source and storage solutions. Do note, however that these add on to the overall cost of the off-road campers. Most often count as luxurious features rather than necessities. Some of these items are easily accessible from home, such as toolboxes, thereby eliminating the need for extra purchase.