Importance of Water Tanks

Importance of Water Tanks

Polyethylene or Poly tanks can be installed above or below ground surface. These tanks are light weight, durable and are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are easy to transport and install as their weight is pretty less. Their availability in various colors and shapes gives you option to pick and choose them to suit your home. Poly tanks are also considered food grade and the water stored in them can be used for drinking. You can either purchase the complete unit or get it assembled at site.

Rainwater Tanks

There are tanks available which can be installed and used to collect the rain water from your roof top. These are called rain water tanks. You would require professional support to get the rain-water tank installed in your home. They would deliver and install the water tank as per your requirement or construct it on site if you have decided onto an under ground concrete tank.

A licensed plumber can install necessary plumbing, screens and insect guards to properly collect water from the roof. The water thus collected can be used for watering plants, washing, flushing toilets and so on. However, this water needs to be duly processed and filtered before it can be used for drinking purpose.

Ways of effectively storing rainwater in polyethylene rainwater tanks

Any kind of debris such as leaf litter and the like must be stopped from entering the tank. Also, bird droppings pose a similar threat of contamination. These polyethylene tanks do come with proper lids and covers, but you can never be too careful with your rainwater storage.