Industrial Deafness Symptoms: What to Expect

Industrial Deafness Symptoms: What to Expect

If there ever comes a time when you struggle to hear other people speak and you are working regularly in a noisy environment, then it is highly likely that you are suffering from industrial deafness. This is the kind of condition common on workers in noisy industries such as construction, mining, milling, call center, and the likes.=

It is only a given that you take care of the condition as soon as you can. Being frequently exposed to noise above the 80dB level will lead to temporary or even permanent deafness. To make sure that you can take care of the said condition before it gets worse, make sure that you are aware of the industrial deafness symptoms.

There are different conditions that may have different industrial deafness symptoms showing. The said condition can be grouped into four major types, which include permanent loss of hearing, temporary loss of hearing, tinnitus, and acoustic trauma. It will be helpful to know what type your condition falls under to be able to apply the proper cure or treatment.

Though there may be different conditions for this industrial deafness, you can say that there are common industrial deafness symptoms you might want to take note of. These are basically the symptoms you can notice in all of the different types of industrial deafness. Here are some of the common symptoms that are worth taking note of.

  • Lack of hearing. The individual may be experiencing lack of hearing either in one of his ears or in both ears.
  • Missing phrases or full sentences. When conversing with other people, you might end up missing on some phrases or even the full sentence.
  • Needing to turn up the volume of the TV or radio. There are cases when you have to turn up the volume for the radio or the TV just so you can hear properly.
  • Struggling over background noise. To some people, their symptom comes in the form of struggling to hear any speech with the person they are conversing with whenever there is background noise.
  • Lack of hearing. At some point, hearing loss is also a symptom when it comes to industrial deafness. This can either be permanent or temporary.
  • Noises at a constant frequency. If you are hearing a constant droning, ticking, roaring, hissing, buzzing, and ringing noises, then this is a symptom to watch out for. Any of these noises can be a sign of a condition called tinnitus.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you have to know that you may already be suffering from industrial deafness. It is highly recommended that you get medical help as soon as possible. There are many medical specialists that have the proper medical know-how on the treatment of industrial deafness. The earlier you get yourself treated for your condition, the better it will be for you. There is a higher chances of you getting healed faster the earlier you get treatment. Thus, it is imperative you get treated as soon as you notice these symptoms.

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