Why You Should Invest in Timber Floor Stripping

Why You Should Invest in Timber Floor Stripping

Timber floor stripping is a part of regular flooring maintenance. In time, floors can get scratched, scuffed and damaged. Stripping and waxing will help rejuvenate your floors. It’s also a way to clean deep-seated dirt, making your floors look brand new. Still in doubt? Here are a few good reasons why you should get your floors stripped:

Stripping prevents scratches, stains and discolouration.

When timber floor stripping is done, they first completely remove the protective wax coating. Most floorings will have this to prevent any damage done to the surface. However, this coating wears down and weakens over time. Therefore, they need regular maintenance. If you leave your old wax coating on for too long, it opens your floors to scratches, scuffs and other forms of damage.

When the original protective wax coating is removed, a fresh, thin layer of wax is applied until it sets. This is followed by more coats of wax until the flooring is shiny, clean and protected. These are also spray-buffed to maintain the brand-new feel. Once they are re-waxed, it creates a protective surface, preventing scratches, stains and discolouration.

Stripping and waxing reduces the growth of moulds

Mould and bacteria can grow wherever water and oxygen are present. Floors whose wax coatings are no longer able to create a barrier can easily let water and air into the crevices underneath. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, which could pose some health risks.

Apart from disease-causing growths, water or moisture in the flooring could cause a lot of damage. Warping and bubbling are common cases. Further, wood can rot and darken if it’s exposed to water for long periods of time. This will make your floors very unstable, and a dangerous place to be in. Not only will the foundations be weak, but it will be slippery as well.

It’s the best way to keep your flooring clean and shiny

No matter how many times you dust, vacuum, mop or buff a floor that has damaged wax coatings, you’ll never be able to get the same results as a good stripping job. You’ll just be rubbing existing dirt into the crevices where the wood is exposed. You’ll also be exposing your wood to even more moisture, which – as mentioned above – is the worst thing you can do for your floors.

Apart from protecting your floors, the wax coating applied during stripping helps maintain a natural shine. It makes the floors look and feel smooth. They will be easier to clean, as the dirt will slide right off with one swipe. Dirt and grime simply don’t stick to a well-waxed floor.

A lot of people are still thinking twice about timber floor stripping, and it’s a mystery why. It’s clearly one of the best things you can do for your floors. It heals, protects and beautifies your floors, and helps maintain a new look overall. If you want to learn more about stripping your floors, visit the timber floor stripping website.