Items Available on a Vape Store Online

Items Available on a Vape Store Online

If you’re a newbie to an e-cigarette, there are a couple of things that you need to know. First, setting up the gear required professional’s assistance because some components are needed to use the unit effectively. Second, you need to understand that there are flavours that contain 10% nicotine, so choose the e-juice carefully. No matter what you need, you can find it at a vape store online.

Listed below are the common items to see in different online shops:

Starter Kit/Mod

In setting up the e-cigarette, you need a unit that contains a high-performing battery and the activation button. It comes in different size, colour and style. The pen-type you see are called egos and these are cheaper compared to other units.

Going back to the mod, it holds up to three batteries that are rechargeable. It can last depending on your usage and the amount of energy used by the unit.


This component holds the precious e-juice in place. It is a small glass compartment that can hold over 5ml of liquid. There are two major types of tanks namely: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and sub-ohm tanks. The first one gives an authentic smoking experience as it has more restrictive juice and airflow. The sub-ohm uses coils and has large flow channels. It is cheaper compared to the MTL because it uses more power and e-juices.


This is the heating element of the unit. Some e-cigarettes have a built-in coil to match the components whilst others don’t have. Don’t worry because you can purchase high-quality coils at a vape store online. There are Eleaf brands, Revenger and more.


The liquid flavour is the fun part of the vape. This liquid is heated and evaporates in a heavy smoke. Choosing the right flavour is integral because you need to consider the tanks. Contact the best vape store online like Joe’s Cloud House to purchase exclusive flavours at an affordable price. Visit their website today to find out more.