Materials To Use For Exterior Window Shutters

Materials To Use For Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters on your house add both curb appeal and value. There are many designs and styles to choose from that can look great in your home, including elegant raised panel, standard louvre and the country style. They can be installed functionally or decoratively and can be customised according to what you want.

Other than the style and design, materials also vary, which made it highly versatile.

There are different materials available to use, and these are:

  • Vinyl

This material is long lasting, maintenance free and weather resistant. Vinyl is available in different colours and styles, hence you know there is one out there to match your house perfectly.

  • Wood

This offers an authentic appearance that can enhance and add beauty to your house exteriors. Wood varies from Redwood, Cedar and Pine. These can be stained or painted with any colour of your choice. They can be mounted on useful hardware using S hooks and hinges or installed decoratively.

  • Composite wood

These are made of core wood composite materials that are resistant to water and have a finish that can stand for a very long time.

  • Fibre

Fibre is known for its heat and water resistance. Highly durable and can last for a long time. Although more expensive than any other options, yet this is the best option due to its overall quality.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium, on the other hand, is highly recommended due to cost and their rust proof characteristic.

Needless to say, whichever material was used for your exterior window shutters, the benefits this type of shutters can provide you and your entire household is not limited. You may be wondering why you would install it if you already have interior window coverings, to convince you even more, below are the advantages you can get from this:

• It offers you privacy – Once closed, expect 100% privacy
• Allow you to control light – You have full control of light you want to allow to get in your home
• Added curb appeal – It is not a question that this can add curb appeal to your home