Medical Negligence during Pregnancy

Medical Negligence during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of hope and joy. It is a time to celebrate the coming of a new member into the family. If it is the first pregnancy, the would be parents are also apprehensive and unsure what to expect. At such a time, negligence by the obstetrician or gynaecologist and dash all hopes and put the couple into depression.

Such negligence must be challenged. To file a case in court, negligence must be proved. Personal injury lawyers will have experts examine the circumstances of your case and file a suit in a civil court on your behalf. Negligence during pregnancy can occur either before or during the birth of the baby.

Delayed or Wrong Diagnosis

If a condition like gestational diabetes or some deficiency is not diagnosed because the doctor or practitioner failed to perform the required tests, this can be construed as negligence. The patient would miss the opportunity for timely treatment and the baby or mother could be harmed as a result.

Experts will compare what your doctor did or did not do with what other doctors do in similar situations. If it can be reasonably proved that any competent doctor would have taken steps to avoid the problem, then you have a case of negligence and the medical practitioner is liable. Contact a personal injury lawyer to file a case against them.

Prenatal Care

During the course of the pregnancy, if proper care, medication, and check up are not provided, it could harm the mother, the baby, or both. The doctor could be held responsible for negligence or malpractice.