Mistakes to avoid while getting blinds installed

Mistakes to avoid while getting blinds installed

Motorized window shutters and blinds are gaining popularity among the big households. Their convenient use and safety features have made them the favourites of the people. More users are on choosing blinds in place of the traditional curtains. However, before jumping on the blinds to get installed in your house, you should take care of a couple of things first. Installing the blinds should be done only after thorough inspection of your house and taking into accounts the size of the windows.

Use a measuring tape

Deciding to get blinds installed in your house is just the beginning of a series of steps. The first thing in the list is to measure all the dimensions of the window or door. The Australian windows are a little bit different from the traditional ones used in other part of the world. It is important to precisely measure all the side of the window before going to the blinds shop. First measure the height and width of the window, excluding the moulds. Also keep an inch of extra space so that the blinds can cover the windows completely.

The pilot holes

Most of the doors are made up of hallow wood, which makes it easier to dig holes in them. However this is not the case with the French doors as they are made up of hard woods which give a lot of trouble to the user to get the blinds properly installed in them. You can make use of the electronic screwdriver to create pilot hole, then install mallets in them. Then screw in the screws you have selected.

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