Mistakes with Contractors you Should Avoid During your Apartment Renovation!

Mistakes with Contractors you Should Avoid During your Apartment Renovation!

Are you planning to renovate your apartment? And are you planning to hire contractor for you apartment renovations? Did you know they are not the most trustworthy people? I know you have to get your apartment renovated from contractor no matter what the reputation of the contractors is. As someone who has gone through few bad experiences with contractors you might want to hear me out for your own benefit.

Yes, an apartment renovations is not as serious as a home or building renovation. But that does not mean you have to spend all your hard-earned money on a scam. And yes people do get ripped off due to utter negligence. Since you know how contractors operate, it should be your responsibility to avoid scenarios where you are deceived at the end or unfortunately even at the start of the project.

My personal advice is that you always trust the recommendations. Although, does not matter how good a recommendation is, make it your personal responsibility before hiring or signing a contract, that you personally visit the sites of the contractors’ prior projects.

My friend Cynthia was in a situation where she hired a contractor to replace a French window, during which the contractor damaged the door frame, burnt the carpet and scraped off the molding. He took the money and promised to come back to repair the damage but he ignored her calls and e-mails. Do not accept a quote that is impossibly lower than the other quotes. Do not make a payment without a guarantee that the work will be done as discussed. Do not sign a contract without thoroughly examining the quality of the work of the contractor.

During a complete apartment renovations, where you are not present in the site of the project, the amount of mistakes that could happen could be uncountable, the contractors might not show up at all, or get late to show up and prolong the project or worst case scenario, they might take the initial payment and not even show up!

If you have decided to DIY, the risk you are taking with the contractors is luckily minimized by the work you would do on your own and your possibly great involvement in the project. Even so, make sure you hire the correct type of contractors and that you maintain a sound communication with them. You can take over comparatively minor aspects like installing crown molding, painting, furniture arrangement etc. But when it comes to electric, plumbing or gas installation you will undoubtedly have to go for a contractor.

An apartment renovations can be time-consuming and exhausting. But if you want a finish that reflects the value of your money you will have to be careful with the people who are involved in the process.