Moonbay Marina

Moonbay Marina

I like Moonbay Marina. The Owner-Manager is from the Company who have leased the whole peninsular from SBMA; from the landfill beach back down to Pier One. Hotels around like The Lighthouse lease the land from them I believe. Also I think Moonbay may have some ownership in some of them. So I guess this is the ‘mother-ship’ resort.

Toward the u-turn roundabout complete with water fountains and rock formations, they are building a new wing along this newly developed high-class street that I guess the resort paid to construct. These rooms will have a view of the bay; at least until new hotels development on the vacant land between the beach and the hotel. They provide lovely outdoor sitting areas with ‘nippa-hut’ type roofs along the street and in different parts of their hotel precinct.



The pool is large, sparkling clean and terrific.. catering for all from kids shallows to descending depths complete with waterfall and slide. There is always a lifeguard on duty and so the guests remain orderly. However like everywhere else these days these kids are allowed to scream as loudly and for as long as they like. sad

It is really annoying… I was always reminded to ‘play quietly’ and be respectful of the adults that would like to relax. Not here.

The Rooms are nicely set apart in blocks around the pool. Nice linen, clean and hygienic.

The menu is decent including healthy choices. The kitchen is quick and the service staff are friendly. Only, like almost everywhere in Philippines, (almost traditionally) they do not quickly remove the used plates and glasses as they continue to attract flies.

An in-house pet is a magnificent Golden Retriever named Murphy who sits tied up out the back of the pool area. He is massive like a lion and gentle like a kitten, so he is popular with guests for photos and pats. He must be 65+ kilos like a brown bear. I love him and always request he comes sits with us if he is not busy. Check out my photos of him because he must be seen to be believed.

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