Must-Have Party Hire Equipment for a 90s-Themed Birthday Bash

Must-Have Party Hire Equipment for a 90s-Themed Birthday Bash

Through a party hire equipment, you can better conceptualise the theme, concept and set design for your upcoming event. And with all the hip and modern parties happening all around the city, why not be different by getting a trip down memory lane by having a 90s themed birthday celebration? –

Here is your must-have party hire equipment for a trip in the past:

  • Catchy invitations

Remember how you used to design your greeting cards, school projects and slam books? Channel your inner 90s kid by using those coloured pens, magazine cut outs and classic lettering for your party invitations!

  • Paint splatter tablecloths

Remind everyone how huge the paint splatter design was back then by incorporating into your tablecloth design. And after your party, you can use it for other things such as a design to your room or a picnic blanket in the future!

  • Throwback photobooth

Use images, drawing or cut-outs of the gadgets, celebrities and catchphrases everyone used to be so obsessed with back in the days as props for your photo booth.

  • Hanging polaroid pictures

Before people could take high-quality photos with their digital cameras and cell phones, people used Polaroid cameras to capture special moments.

Customise your photos to look like Polaroid pictures or take actual ones yourself, attach your photos to a yarn string, and hang it to your ceiling as decorations.

  • Classic parlour games

No 90s-themed celebration would ever be complete without classic parlour games to serve as icebreakers. Games such as Twister, Charades and the classic 7 Minutes in Heaven.

  • Dress Code

Although this is something you can require your guests to wear, you can always have extra clothing and accessories to help your guests look completely like a 90s kid again. Think of it as props for your throwback party.

Make your birthday party fun and memorable by recreating childhood memories, compete will all the party hire equipment, everyone will surely relate to. Visit Crackajack Party Hire’s website and start planning your awesome birthday celebration today!