Must-See Things On Day Tours Sri Lanka

Must-See Things On Day Tours Sri Lanka

Regardless what your interests are, you are sure to have a sight of the wow-inducing must-see gems of Sri Lanka whenever you embark on day tours Sri Lanka. Such is the attractiveness that Sri Lanka exudes.

A visit to Pettah, Fort, Kotahena among others, promise to be exciting as they are a force to be reckoned with. These sites will help you experience the old historical aspects of Colombo as well as Sri Lanka. But wherever you go, you are sure to feel the enthusiasm and hospitality of Sri Lankans.

The Galle Fort is one big destination that you do not want to miss out on. It is exotic just as much as it bursts with scent of spices and salty winds. It is indeed a place of great beauty and architectural masterclass. No day tours Sri Lanka is complete without a visit to Galle. Simply put, Galle Fort is the city of art. Talk about alluring beauty.

The ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka’s medieval capital makes for a great adventure with left over of palaces, temples, dagobas and walls. You could fall in love at first sight. Polonnaruwa is the place from where kings ruled Sri Lanka some more than 800 years ago when it was a lively religious and commercial centre. A visit to Polonnaruwa while on day tours Sri Lanka will connect you to the glories of old.

The Uda Walawe National Park brings you face to face in contact with the animal giving its many herds of elephants, leopards, wild buffalo, sambar deer, jackals, mongooses, crocodiles, water monitor lizards, sloth bears and leopards among others. The park radiates a stark beauty which makes game-watching even more exciting.

For the religious on day tours Sri Lanka, the temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic offers an exciting choice for excursion. The temple is opened to devotees and tourists during offerings/prayer (Puja). The entire temple spans a large area and house numerous other temples therein. The Alut Maligawa which exhibits numerous sitting Buddhas donated by Thai Devotees and which houses the Sri Dalada Museum, has a sturdy array of gilded gifts to it. The audience hall is found inside the compound of the temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, spots an open-air pavilion with stone columns made to resemble wooden pillars. The World Buddhist Museum can also be found inside the complex of the temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.