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    How to inspect the filter media?

    Apr 14, 2017

    This is the most important item in a dust collector air filter media because it accumulates and supports a dust cake. This dust cake is what provides high filtering deficiencies during operation. Inspect the clean-air side of the dust collector for leaks and the bags for tears. If pressure-drop within a dust collector becomes extremely high relative to historical data, it may be caused by excessive dust cake or blinding of the filter bags.

    dust collector air filter media

    Depending on the application, differential pressure may take a number of hours or even days to develop. It is essential that you keep filtering velocities low for new filter media. Reducing the volume decreases the airstream’s velocity, thus protecting the bags from high-velocity impingement of dust. If you expose bags to the fan’s full volume, fine particles may embed themselves into the bags’ inner fibers and begin blinding. This can also reduce the life of the bags by damaging the fibers of the media. So make sure to season a dust collector air filter media.

    This is not an all-inclusive list. Each piece of equipment and application is different, and each has its own unique components and features.

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