Picasso Suites

Picasso Suites

I read a review about this place and the guy said ‘hard to fault’ so I tried it. It was exactly that. Everything here is really excellent and not overpriced. I have stayed in similar places for $400 a night… but this was less than half of that.

Everything I have come to expect from a 5-star without the stiffness and overpriced food and drink. Not to much attention from the staff… just right. A real nice bunch of genuinely friendly lobby and reception staff.


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Terrific spacious suites with the usual fluffy robes and slippers. Nice linen and towels too. Everything just right really.

I had friends coming for dinner and we took a table in the restaurant. Then it happened – In typical Filipino fashion just two of the four meals we ordered came out, and the two sat there already stone cold.

When I dine with friends I like everyone to share a hot meal together. Not have two hungry people watch the fist two eat, then when they want to have pudding or move on, they have to then wait and watch the hungry two catch up, looking at their dirty plates… now the last two feel rushed and the dining experience is ruined.

I called the manager to explain and we sent the first two meals back… they were served stone-cold anyway. He listened to me. In about 6 to 8 minutes I was delighted to see all four hot meals being brought out like staff in a train.. that was delightful to see, more like what I am used to and come to expect in developed countries. The meal and the whole dining experience was terrific.

It would be interesting to know if they learned anything, and if they now serve all the meals hot, and at the same time. I will one day know because I will definitely come back to Picasso Suites on my next trip to Manila. I recommend you cant go past this place.

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Guijo Suites Manila

Coming from a 4 to 5 star guy, I somehow ended up here in this very economical clean and classy option. The words that come to mind are ‘like a miniature 4.5 Star hotel’. I say miniature because the room was not a great size, but it made up for it in quality. The building seems newly constructed and fittings were modern and functional. Very nice modern functional bathrooms and fixtures alike.

guijo suites
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I felt safe here coming and going with security blocking the street off back to the end of the lane way at night. The guards checked I am a resident or guest and quickly let us through.

Definitely a clean, comfortable place I recommend you try out, and for only around 2,500 Peso a night I would use again.

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