Plant Hire Contractors: Heavy Equipment Provider

Plant Hire Contractors: Heavy Equipment Provider

Buying new heavy equipment can be very expensive and a foolish idea if you are going to use them in a single project. It is best to avail of the services of plant hire contractors. They have a wide range of heavy equipment that can perform the necessary tasks for your project. Here is a list of the heavy equipment they provide:


• Forklifts – If your project entails lifting of heavy crates, you need one of this equipment from plant hire contractors. Warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and depots usually need this equipment around. They can lift and move heavy objects around. Warehouses usually have forklifts that can carry 1-5 tons while there are also larger forklifts that can carry up to 50 tons of weight.

• Excavators – Excavators are construction vehicles that you can hire from plant hire contractors. They are used to dig and move big objects. Small construction companies minimize their overhead costs by renting excavators rather than purchasing them.

• Bulldozers – These are the most common earthmoving equipment that plant hire contractors have for rent. It has a dozer blade in front which is used in pushing soil and leveling surfaces in construction projects. It may also be used in breaking up rocks and hard grounds like pavements. The bulldozer can be used in both construction and deconstruction projects.

• Cherry Pickers – Also called boom lift and basket crane, this equipment is rented out by plant hire contractors to customers who want to reach a part of a building that can’t be accessed safely using a ladder. Cherry pickers were originally made for picking ripe fruits from hard to reach branches of fruit trees. Nowadays, cherry pickers are used by cable companies, electric companies, and telecommunication companies to work on repairing or adding lines. Painters also use them in painting exterior walls.

• Dump Trucks – Dump trucks are rented by construction companies from plant hire contractors when they need to bring in construction materials like gravel and sand. Dump trucks are also used in carrying waste materials out of the construction site. Since they come in many different sizes and weight capacity, costumers are ensured that there is no time wasted in transferring materials to and from the site.

Now that you have an idea as to what type of heavy equipment you can rent from plant hire contractors, you will be able to save a lot of money on machinery that you only need once in a while. Whatever equipment you need, it is best to call plant hire contractors before purchasing these expensive equipment.

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