Plantation Shutters: How to Build it

Plantation Shutters: How to Build it

Plantation shutters have been known to be used as a decoration for windows and protection from the sunlight. Plantation shutters are composed of slats or louvers that are horizontally arranged. Louvers are considered as the tilt bar that controls the movement of the rails in vertical and horizontal manner. These shutters come in different sizes, functionality and shape.
There are steps to be considered in order for you to build these plantation shutters by just installing simple and basic flat louvers within the panel to be built on the window frame.

Step 1. Measure the frames on your window. You should begin with the four planks that will be used as the shutter frame. You should measure your shutter frame up to .25 inches or .6 cm or just narrower than your window frame.

Step 2. Cut the planks into size. After you have measured already the four planks, you should then cut the four planks into equal sizes.

Step 3. Build your shutter frame by pasting or gluing the horizontal planks to the vertical planks. This step is very easy as you will just find a way to form a square.

Step 4. Measure the flat louver’s length. Remember that the measurement of the louvers should be narrower for up to 1/16th of your vertical planks that you have already done cutting and gluing. There are pins in nylon louver that acts as a support inside the frame that is 1/32 in its thickness. The washers’ function is to prevent the louvers in contacting the inside edges. That is why there is a smooth action whenever you try to fit it. Your louvers’ number depends on the width and height of the panel and the louvers.

Step 5. You should have bought a louver that is already fitted to your window frame. If you have not bought that then it is your job to fit it. Secure your room upon installing or doing this job as there is many pins that will be surrounding your work’s area.

Step 6. Cut the louvers into prospect size.

Step 7. Make marking in the inside of the shutter frame. Take note that the louvers should be overlapping the shutter for over ¼ in inch. See to it that the louvers will fit and will be flat on the frames.

Step 8. Drill holes in your markings.

Step 9. Now, fit your shutter frame in the window and secure it tightly.

Now, you can do-it-yourself built a plantation shutter on your window.