Points to Remember when Organizing a Garden Wedding Reception

Points to Remember when Organizing a Garden Wedding Reception

A garden has a lot of advantages but it’s prone to damage from rains and bad weather. Make sure that there is a small, reserved and protected spot nearby which you can use in emergencies.

In case you are getting married in the summers, enough supply of water and other refreshing drinks should be kept to quench the thirst of your guests. You can even arrange for some colour coordinated shades to be put up.

The area in the garden where you are going to host your reception should be free from frequently falling leaves and broken branches. Make sure that direct sunlight is avoided.

Lastly, secure all linen with pins and keep flat paper weights on the table cloth to prevent disaster when a strong wind blows. Don’t put dainty long stemmed flower vases on the tables as they are sure to fall and break in windy weather.

If you are somebody who dreads making and listening to long speeches and do not prefer stressful formal programs, garden wedding receptions are ideal for you.

If you have a theme you’d like to apply in the garden, you could certainly do that. The garden settings definitely spread feel of romance and elegance, and that’s exactly why organizing a garden wedding reception is ideal for so many couples.

Have a word with the garden authorities and check if they have regulations of any kind you’re expected to comply with. You could hire the assistance of wedding-planners to do the job for you.

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