Reach in Refrigerators

Reach in Refrigerators

The type of commercial refrigeration unit or units you’ll go will invariably depend on the available space in your kitchen. If space is at a premium, then you can go for an undercounter, countertop or a sliding door model.

Prep table and under-counter types come with inbuilt counters that allow your chef to slice or cut portions of different food products before or after putting them inside the fridge.

A compact single or double door unit refrigerator can be comfortably placed in a corner or nook without compromising on accessibility. Reach-in display units use glass doors that are transparent and are suitable when you need to tempt your customers with a delicious array of cakes, cheeses, and ice-creams.

Top or bottom mounted compressor?

A compressor is the heart of the refrigerator and your equipment stops functioning if your compressor becomes dysfunctional. So, it goes without saying that you’d need to proper care and maintenance of the equipment’s compressor.

If your kitchen environment is hot then you should go for a model with a bottom mounted compressor that is ergonomically designed and has sufficient shelf space.

Bottom or low mounted reach-ins is not suitable in dusty kitchens. Top mounted compressors are suitable for kitchens that are moderately cooler and are suited for use in bakeries and delis where the floor is covered with dust.

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Mixed door type comes handy if you have to prepare a variety of food items in your restaurant. Sliding door types are good for use in areas with limited space.