Recycling metals

Recycling metals

Do you also feel uncomfortable overtime throwing away a tin can to the garbage?

In Australia recycled every year metals in inclusive weight of more then 800,000 tons. Most of the metal is coming from the military, scrap cars, disassembled factories and tins that required by low to return them.

Skip Bins recycling solutions have been established to give solutions for the private consumer to recycle the metal waste he manufacture: tin cans, babe food packages, metal coffee packages, spray tins and similar…

Combining with number of local municipalities and support from department of environmental affairs Skip bins have installed Skip Bins facilities in various places around the country and they are getting a lot of great feedback from the public.

Skip Bins recycling solutions recycling tin cans, baby food packaging, coffee metal packages, empty spray tis, cutlery , kitchenware, aluminium trays, tops and covers made from metal and mainly every product contains at least 50% metal.

In the recycling factory melting the metal packages, from the raw material manufacturing steel rods for building construction, nets and fences. If required a separating is being done among the types of metals using electro-magnetic fields.

Where there are facilities to collect metal?

Mainly because of the residence which demanded from the local authority and due to the activity.