Red Flags to Watch Out When Hiring Wedding Photographers

Red Flags to Watch Out When Hiring Wedding Photographers

You want your wedding photographers to capture the best and most intimate moments of your special day. From the look on your groom’s face when he sees you walking down the aisle for the first time down to the final dance with your father.

But there have been cases where clients get disappointed with the output they receive. The saddest part is that they don’t get to have a take two on it.

Here are moments to watch out for when hiring photographers for this event:


Never hire experts who are just plain rude, pushy and unwilling to go the extra mile for your creative shots. Make sure you assess their personality even from just the initial phone call. Were they friendly? Are they open to working with your ideas? Do your personalities click?

Set time for you and the team to meet, to plan and work things out together. Remember, there will be people following you around all day and taking shots of the entire celebration. Therefore, it’s better to people you like being around with.


As you probably know, these experts don’t come cheap. So, you want to invest in a team that is flexible in working out a deal that suits your budget.

Those who are pushy to get you to purchase their latest or highest rates are more focused on the profit they’ll gain rather than the quality they’ll produce.


You don’t have to understand what each equipment is for. But what you do need to make sure is that your wedding photography team brings backup equipment with them. Remember, anything can go wrong in a live event.

Imagine your photographer telling you not to walk down the aisle until they get a spare battery for their camera.

Past works

Before you invest in photographers, you want to first check their former works to see if their shooting and post-editing styles conform with your tastes.

If you start to notice that they don’t take good shots, or you don’t like their editing style, it may be safer to hire someone else.

Wedding photographers can produce photos that you’ll be proud to display in your house and look back at over the years. Visit Devotion Image’s website and hire them for your upcoming nuptial ceremony today!