Renting a Drum Sander

Renting a Drum Sander

So, you have decided to do your own floor sanding. You are going to need a drum sander to work with. These heavy duty devices are not the sort you want to buy – they are just too expensive.

It is better to go to a specialized store rather than a general rental store. The expertise that you will get for free is worth the effort you may have to put in to find one. Before you go to the store, make sure that you have measured the room you are going to sand – this will allow the rental store to make a good estimate on how much sandpaper you may need.

Floor sanding involves a lot of prep work; it is advisable to finish this before you pick the sander. DIY-ers have a tendency to underestimate the amount of time it takes to do this work, and then the sander sits in a corner running the rental bill – this could sometimes add up another day of renting.

While you drive out to pick the sander, do remember that it is too heavy to lift by yourself. The rental store folks will help you load it into your vehicle – don’t hesitate to ask. You will also need help to unload it back at your home.

The sandpaper for the drummer is something you will only need for floor sanding, and anything that is leftover will be a waste. Luckily, if you are lending the machine from a specialist store, they are most of the time willing to buyback any unused stock. This is another good reason to avoid the general rental.

You are also going to need safety gear – earplugs, goggles and breathing mask. Do ask for breathing masks at the rental as they sometimes throw them in as a complementary to the sander. Do not ignore to get the goggles, as on hitting nails, the sander would spark and throw debris off at great speed. It is usually a very noisy tool, so earplugs are not just to make you more comfortable but are truly part of the safety equipment.

It is best if you rent a drum sander that has a continuous belt rather than one where you would need to wrap the drum before use. If you are out of luck, ask the rental yard guys to wrap the sandpaper for you to begin with. Most people have no idea on how to do this, and seeing this done by the professionals would be a great help.