Retaining Walls: Landscaping Trends to Try

Retaining Walls: Landscaping Trends to Try

Retaining walls do more than just protect your land. Sure, these provide a more stable foundation by keeping your soil in place. But, these do more than just its practical function. In fact, you may overlook the notion that it can lend your property elegance and beauty as you cannot even begin to imagine.

If you are interested in building one for your property, here are some landscaping trends to try today:

  • Rendered Approach

Come 2018, modernisation and contemporary finishes are all the rage. Because of this, you could try a rendered retaining wall finish. This allows for a more stylish and high-end approach that will certainly complement the look of your space. Available in a variety of colours, you will surely find one that seamlessly blends with your sleek architecture.

  • Split-Level Gardens

A retaining wall can be very versatile. It can work well for gardens and yards of all shapes and sizes, meaning, you can achieve a customised look for your property.

If you want to maximise your space, why not add spit-level gardens? This is a great way to add height and dimension. Go crazy and fill it with flowerbeds, a cosy entertaining area or even some cute steps. Complete the look by adding some herbs and vegetables so you can make it even more functional.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

With more homeowners looking to maximise their property, it’s no surprise that many of them lean towards having outdoor kitchens. Have your equipment and materials be embedded in the walls so you can achieve a seamless design.

  • Garden Edging

Garden borders and trims elevate your space from plain and boring to elegant and beautiful. If you want to add some edging, don’t go for a plastic option. Not only will it make your space look cheap, this type of material tends to deteriorate over time. Save yourself from all these troubles and invest in a retaining wall as a garden edging.

To build durable retaining walls, call PB Earthworks Earthmoving & Excavation Specialists. They provide excellent and reliable foundations for your property.