Reticulation System FAQs

Reticulation System FAQs

Reticulation system is used as a protection against any form of termite invasion in your property. Two reasons why you need reticulation system are – one, you are living in a high-risk region and, two, you are building your house. This system should not be installed by someone who is not trained and experienced as its efficacy may be compromised.

When hiring this type of service, you can ask necessary and relevant questions to help you maximise what you can get out of the reticulation system:

How to maintain reticulation?

This type of system should be topped or added up every three to five years to maintain its efficacy. Asking this directly from your service provider is necessary to ensure that you know when the next session should be scheduled.

Can it be installed in an already built home?

Yes, but it is more effective when installed beforehand. The simplicity and ease of installation made it possible to be installed in any situation.

How long will it take to finish the job?

The length of time is dependent on different factors like the size of the area where the application will be installed, the infestation or the situation and the like. Assessing it over the phone is not sufficient. They need to check the area to provide you accurate timelines and the amount they charge to complete the project.

What are the advantages of reticulation?

Before you have it installed, make sure you know what to get from installing it. But mostly, advantages are:

  • It targets termites directly on the source of their entry
  • This lessens the disruption and exposure to household members or people within the vicinity
  • Eradicates issues of possible spray drift during termiticide treatment
  • It can be replenished periodically
  • It is environment-friendly

Make sure that you are hiring the right company to install reticulation. This pest control method gives you many benefits, so it is only right that it is installed properly.  Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of using this system to treat termites.