The Role of Real Estate Agents in Puerto Galera

The Role of Real Estate Agents in Puerto Galera

The real estate agents are individuals licensed to help sellers and buyers to sell properties in the said first class municipality in Mindoro.

The economy of the city used to be centred on fishing and agriculture. However, along with the rise of tourism, it turned into a service-oriented sector. The phenomena not only resulted in a boom in its economy but also increase in its population.

Puerto Galera is recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. With its pocket beaches and diving spots, it comes as no surprise that there is an influx of people eyeing on real estates in the area. This is where real estate agents come in the picture.

What they do for sellers:

  • Provide list of homes in Puerto Galera that are up for sale
  • Manage the value and listing price in accordance with the current market
  • Arrange schedule of showings and auctions
  • Inform sellers about interested property buyers
  • Negotiate until both parties agree on the price
  • Handle all documents before and after closing

What they do for buyers:

  • Find and suggest homes in line with the buyers’ needs and standards
  • Lend a helping hand in securing a mortgage plan
  • Track down areas that conform to the budget
  • Raise and negotiate offers
  • Monitor transaction and completion of contract
  • Arrange appraisal and inspections
  • Procure documents and hand over keys

Three tips on hiring real estate agents Puerto Galera:

  • Work only with those who proven knowledge and skills.
  • Make sure they have undergone training and have passed the licensure exam.
  • Inquire about their network or list of trusted connection and contacts.

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