Student Accommodation FAQs

Student Accommodation FAQs

If you are going to experience it for the first time there must be some Faqs in your mind about student accommodation. There must be some problems you’ll go through and routines which you have to follow up. With time you’ll adjust and some weeks you’ll see this as a good experience of our life. Somehow this is bit hard for student to adjust but now you can handle it very well. Your mind must raising some questions right now like What type of room-mate would I get or about security and other billing problems. Here we are to answer you some of your questions about student accommodation.

Q1. What about my security in student accommodation? Am I safe there?

A: Yes you are safe there. There are fire alarms and emergency buttons for any kind of mishap or emergency. Security guards are always there to secure you. But if you are finding any insecurity in there you can talk to local management to resolve the issues regarding security.

Q2: Can I contact external sources from student accommodation as well as internal?

A: Yes you can contact external as well as internal but for external contacts you have to buy card from reception. Internal contacts are absolutely free. Your room phone would be connected to reception, security or any other room you want to be in connection with.

Q3: What about my room-mates? If I am not feeling comfortable with them then how can I change my room?

A: Before making any decision or changing the room you mates should give time to each other, after few weeks all things will be resolved. All the mates should sit and talk about rules and regulation you all agree upon. In case of changing the room talk to the local management of student accommodation, but they will charge extra dollars for changing the room.

Q4: Will I get internet access in my room?

A: Now it’s common broadband access to any room. Of course there will be internet in your room but use it for legal work and agree the terms and conditions before using it properly.

If you are choosing any other mate to live with you then do discuss some things before living together so that it will not make difference then. Try to compromise on some things if you are not totally independent and can’t afford any private accommodation. Discuss any burdens and expenses you want to share and your habits so it will be more convenient to understand each other in a good manner.