Summer in the Rain

Summer in the Rain

Summer had just been named as the season of water. It is because most of the people are looking for a place where they can wet themselves for cooling with the reason that this season is really hot. Some people are spending their time on beaches, swimming pools, falls, springs and other type of natural water. That is one of their alternatives and a way to enjoy the hottest of summer. And of course, summer is also a time for a vacation where you can be with your friends and families. An easy way to enjoy the summer by just staying at home is through showers. Yes, enjoying the little drops of water from it would already relieve you from the unnecessary feeling because of warm humid.


Every child loves the cool drizzle of water coming from heaven that drops into their body. What is being described is the rain. Sadly, during summer, it is seldom witnessed. For sure, it is not only the kids that really miss the smooth drops of drizzle but also the elderly people. Who could not long for these drops when you are suffering from the heat of the sun in almost three months? What they do is to take a bath using the showers. By this, you are like taking a bath in the rain. Just like a rain, it also pours droplets of drizzle that really soothes in your skin. You will already find the missing piece of your life. Feeling of loveliness, of freshness and of fragrance will just be satisfied through water. Can you remember something about your childhood days when you are playing under the rain? Most of the people did. Of course, who would forget the things you were doing when you were just a child like running in the roadside, playing with your friends and the way you are trying to catch the droplets of water. Playing under bathrooms showers is like playing under the rain. How wonderful to reminisce the past when you were still young.

Could it be possible that during the summer, the desire of moistening the body through cold waters will vanish? Of course not! Even though the cold wind blows, still it is not enough to satisfy the thirst of water. People would really find the feeling of comfort. They would always long for the care of one of the most important element in the world. Without water, people will not live and during summer a pail of water is not enough.

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