The Advantages of Using Timber Shutters

The Advantages of Using Timber Shutters

In Australia and some other countries, Timber shutters are very popular due to a lot of benefits that it brings to the people’s homes and Imperial in House have the biggest and best value range of shutters in Brisbane.



Timber shutters give a house a more beautiful look and creates an accurate exception of its high value. Perhaps, it is time for the rest of the known world to consider its usage. Consider the following:

During summer, timber shutters may totally be shut to keep heat out during the day. To let some light in, others may prefer to point the blades shutters upwards and going out. The principle behind this is that hot air naturally goes up and when it hits the shutters, it will go out of the house.

At night, the shutters may be half or fully opened to let the cool air in. Timber shutters are very quiet to operate and does not make any noise when air flows through it. Thin metal or plastic blinds cannot claim the same characteristics. Merely adjusting it produces sound and the more wind passes through it, the heavier the sound that it produces. It can even violently swing inward when strong gusts of wind hit it.

There are people who may not want the entire shutter totally opened or closed. In that case, so they may opt for the so called the café shutters which are basically timber shutters divided into two. With it, people may position the lower and upper halves in different ways. During windy days, they may open both upper and lower portions. For total privacy and complete darkness, they may totally have it shut. Those who wants air or sunlight into the house but wants some privacy may close the lower shutters and open the top unit.

Compared to the traditional curtains, plastic or metal blinds, timber shutters lasts longer, are generally more hygienic and are easier to clean. In terms of hygiene, smoothened timber does not collect much dust and do not breed dust mites. This is hardly true for curtains which is an efficient dust collector or metal or plastic blinds that require more delicate attention and can easily get damaged. Wood, which is thicker, sturdier and very durable can be brushed and wiped in any way. Wood may also be repeatedly painted with different colors, from time to time, depending on the owner’s preference. That is hardly the case with the common blinds.

Should parts of it get broken; the ordinary carpenter can repair and/ or replace parts of the wooden shutter. Actually, any handyman or just about any brave soul can do the same thing. All they need are basic carpentry tools and a lot of common sense. Of course DIY articles and YouTube videos which are easily searchable in the internet would also be of great help.

Compared to other types of window blinds, one would hardly find the timber shutter at a disadvantage. Even in terms of value, houses with timber shutters would be highly valued compared to those that use the ordinary blinds.